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Dow Automotive launch ultra-fast epoxy resin for structural composite parts in mass production

News International-French

17 Mar 2014

90-second cycle times support faster, more affordable light weighting and enormous potential for parts consolidation

Bringing mass reduction capabilities to mass production facilities, Dow Automotive can now offer 90-second cycle times for resin transfer molding (RTM) with Voraforce 5300 resin matrix, making RTM-produced carbon fiber composites suitable for mass production. Voraforce 5300 composite systems will be presented for the first time during the JEC show in Paris on 12th March 2014.

Voraforce 5300 extends RTM process capability via an extremely low viscosity for fast injection, with excellent wetting of the fiber pre-form. Further, the formulation is equipped with an internal release mold package, minimising external mold release costs.

The benefits of this epoxy resin extend beyond ultra-fast cycle times. Besides the material’s competitive mechanical properties, it allows for substantial parts consolidation. Customers can integrate many different parts into one production step, saving extra production and assembly operation costs. This can make composites an economically attractive solution over traditional metal alternatives.

Voraforce 5300 is classified as non-toxic according REACH 2015 and the VDA-278 test shows volatile emissions are close to zero, an important factor for applications adjacent to the vehicle passenger compartment.

These key benefits – fast cycle times and part consolidation potential – contribute to make composite solutions a true lightweight technology fit for mass production of hundreds of thousands of parts per year from a single RTM press.

Dow Automotive supports these solutions with advanced development capabilities for the transportation industry that include engineering, process and logistics capabilities and decades of industry experience.