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Dow Automotive Systems continuous innovation in structural and composite bonding adhesives

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13 Apr 2012

Dow Automotive Systems will enlarge its adhesive and application portfolio significantly until 2013. From currently two mayor brands of epoxy and PU based adhesives the offer will be increased to 3 brands with improved and more specified properties. With this Dow Automotive Systems will be ideally positioned to address a wider market of vehicle body and modular construction than before and supply OEMs, Tier 1s and the repair market with structural adhesives of advanced quality and performance.

Flagship BETAMATE is the brand for epoxy based adhesives for metal bonding and will be available in four new grades with improved properties regarding stability, processing and corrosion.


PU based adhesives will come under the brand name BETAFORCEwith various  long open times, rapid fixation time properties and low surface preparation needs which allows lower complexity and higher quality structural sandwich panel bonding and composite bonding.


Both series will be complemented by a new Methylmetacrylat (MMA) adhesive under BETAFUSE brand, especially for composite and metal bonding which is characterized by low VOC for improved worker environment, improved open time to cure time ratio and lower surface preparation needs.


This new and more diversified portfolio is accompanied by trim shop sealing solutions (BETATECH). Further, Dow Automotive Systems remains – due to its vast R&D knowledge in adhesives technology - a well respected partner in international research projects like the recently announced Light e-Body project from German ministry for education and research for which Dow Automotive is the assembly technology partner.


Dow Automotive Systems therefore is well prepared to remain the innovative solutions provider for the global transport industry when it comes to adhesives technology.



About Dow Automotive Systems


Dow Automotive Systems is a leading provider of polyurethanes, elastomers, films, fluids, adhesives, emissions solutions and acoustic-management materials to the global transportation industry.  By working collaboratively with passenger vehicle, commercial transportation and aftermarket customers, Dow Automotive Systems is developing industry-leading solutions to address a wide range of critical market needs – increasing energy efficiency, improving safety and health, reducing exhaust emissions and enhancing vehicle quality and appeal.



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