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Dr. Edward Chan named executive Vice President for Angstron materials

News International-French

15 Jan 2016

Edward Chan, Ph.D., has been named executive vice president for Dayton, Ohio-based Angstron Materials Inc.

He brings more than 30 years of international industrial experience to his new position with the graphene manufacturer. Dr. Chan – who has worked largely for Fortune 500 companies in the course of his career – has built a strong reputation for performance results in the areas of platform commercialization, product innovation, intellectual property strategy and ongoing market development.

“I’ve been in the technical business for a long time,” says Dr. Chan. “Angstron is at an exciting juncture in its evolution.  The company recently expanded its global capacity to produce graphene by the kiloton; that coupled with its science and engineering expertise and extensive intellectual property portfolio are necessary ingredients for growth. My goal is to generate a healthy top and bottom line and ultimately take the company public.”

Dr. Chan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology. He continued his studies at Princeton University where he received his Ph.D. His myriad accomplishments span a diverse range of markets in the U.S., Europe and Asia.