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DRTM, a robotized manufacturing process for CFRP parts

News International-French

2 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - DRTM is a new automated/robotized cost- and quality-efficient process for composite parts manufacturing by impregnation of dry fibres that was developed and patented by Delta Vigo.

The process targets the aerospace industry and can improve quality, increase production rates (more than 50 AC/month) and meet the highest customer requirements.

In the area of stiffened structures, the process can be used for any type of structure such as spars, ribs, stringers, fittings, frames and double-curvature panels with integrated stiffeners and manufactured in a one-shot process (e.g. fuselage shells, doors and fan cowls).

For frames, this technology can ensure repeatability, reliability and accuracy through an automated/robotized system developed for preform manufacturing, which provides:

  • Optimized orientation/distortion of fibres in the entire frame, controlled with a ±2º accuracy
  • No wrinkles, undulations or impregnation defaults
  • Flexibility, from fibre orientation configuration to stacking sequence, without industrial impact
  • Wide flexibility to incorporate transverse and longitudinal reinforcements with no thickness limitations
  • Longitudinal spring-back control and correction, thanks to the company’s methodology that can be applied even with complex frames
  • High production rates

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