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DuPont expand its R&D center in Shanghai

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26 Jun 2012

Recently in Shanghai, DuPont announced its expansion plan of DuPont Shanghai research and development center.

DuPont first entered China can be traced back to 1863. Now, DuPont China business has accounted almost 10% in its US$38 billion global annual sales for US$3.3 billion. Moreover, its China business has kept a continued expansion. Recently in Shanghai, DuPont announced its expansion plan of DuPont Shanghai research and development center.


This expansion will be completed by the end of 2012 by then there will be more than 17500 new square meters area added and about 150 new workers recruited, said Mr. Li Jiang, who took the position as the GM of DuPont China in October last year.


Li said, either to the entire plastics industry, or to DuPont, the sustainable development, cost-effecy, and high performance are the primary focus. For example, DuPont cooperated with the Chinese state-owned automaker Chery to develop light auto parts, and apply the renewable materials in the automobile field.


Despite the short term cranky in the Chinese auto market, the consumer demand for vehicles will continue to rise in the long-term prospects. To realize traffic sustainable development, the key is to reduce the traditional reliance on fossil fuels by means of the material science and professional development. Particularly, emphasis should be paid on the vehicle weight in order to improve fuel efficiency, energy saving and emission reduction. To achieve these goals needs the cooperation between the automotive innovation centers around the world.


DuPont R & D center provide products and new trend to the customers. DuPont innovation centers in each area have its own emphasis. For example, the India Pune center focused on the motor areas; while Taiwan Hsinchu center specialized in industrial or consumer applications, such as hand-held equipment.


As China's production costs continue to rise, some productions have been transferred to Vietnam, Indonesia and India where the cost are lower. At the same time DuPont customers expand in these areas, they still retain production in mainland China.


Chinese consumers become increasingly rich with demand for high fluidity, connectivity and productivity. There are more and more exuberant demand for cars and electronic equipments. Manufacturing industries need to make productivity improvements, increase efficiency, shorten the cycle time and improve the durability of the products.


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