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Duratek - 2013: 40th anniversary in epoxy systems

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4 Feb 2013

Duratek positions itself according to customer needs and therefore has a distinctive place in the epoxy and polyurethane system business. Its products are currently used in two major projects: the Milres and Dream Symphony projects.

November 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of Duratek, which continues to take part in many challenging projects. The company designs, produces and sells epoxy and polyurethane based systems, sustaining its unique place in the market by focusing on customer needs as a priority. Its sister company Paksoy Kimyev, which produces epoxy raw materials, provides Duratek with a tremendous advantage in that it starts the new material tailoring process one step ahead. This integrated company structure is very rare in the world.


Two recent composite projects that use Duratek products are the Milres and Dream symphony projects.


National wind energy systems

Milres is Turkey’s national wind energy system project. A 500 kW wind turbine will be erected in 2013 as the first step of the project. TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) is the partner in charge of building the blades. In 2012, TAI approved Duratek 1200 and DTM 2204 (Duratek’s epoxy-based lamination resins and epoxy-based structural adhesives) and Eawind started producing the mould and blades. Both products are also approved by the internationally recognized organization Germanischer Lloyd. The certification process took about 3 years, since it also included developing and producing the necessary raw materials.


Duratek 1200 has a viscosity of 300-350 mPas at room temperature. Its low exothermy allows the infusion of thick laminates such as spar caps. It is a room-temperature curing system; however, postcuring at 60-70°C increases its HDT and Tg values above the minimum requirements of GL standards.


The Duratek 1200 system consists of two hardeners, a fast one and a slow one. Moulds for 23-m-long blades were built using the infusion technique, which will also be used for the blades. A slow hardener is preferred for the production. Mechanical properties are summarized in Table 1.

 Table 1: Mechanical properties of Duratek 1200 (with slow hardener)