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Dutch Aerospace industry and Agentschap NL enter the French market

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23 May 2013

Agentschap NL, a division of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs that supports sustainable joint initiatives in developing countries and emerging markets, and the Aerospace Strategy Group France signed an alliance within the program Partners for International Business (PIB). The main focus of this program is to strengthen the market position in France through promotion and the exchange of knowledge in the field of composites and engines.

Strategic approach
Secretary of the Aerospace Strategy Group France is the Dutch trade organization of the aerospace industry, the Netherlands Aerospace Group (NAG). Frank Jansen, managing director NAG: “The aerospace industry is asking for a long term commitment and a strategic approach. The Partners in International Business (PIB) program enhances a collective strategy. Participation of the Dutch government improves opportunities for Dutch SME’s.”

Aerospace Strategy Group France
The cluster consists of Airborne Aerospace, Dutch Thermoplastic Components DTC, Fokker Technologies Holding, KVE Composites Group, the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR and Ten Cate Advanced Composites. The Dutch companies and knowledge institutes all have their own specialism in the field of composites and/or engines within the aerospace industry.

Partners for International Business
Through the program Partners for International Business the Dutch government wants to collaborate with the industry. The focus of the program is on clusters of companies together with knowledge institutes who want to enter a foreign market together. The main focus is on collaboration instead of SME’s approaching a foreign market separately. Through economic diplomacy the government attempts to reduce trade and investment restrictions, this improves opportunities for the Dutch SME’s. PIB is aimed at Dutch companies in the High Tech sector with an internationalization strategy. In 2012 in total twelve PIB alliances are signed in several sectors, one is the Dutch aerospace industry for a collective approach in the United Emirates. This alliance already reveals very positive results. This year the Dutch governments expects another 22 alliances to be signed.

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