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Dutch invention promises breakthrough in high pressure fibre impregnation technique

News International-French

19 Jul 2013

Dutch company FRT Tapes has developed a unique high-pressure impregnation system, that allows for an extremely high fibre volume content in their sheets and tapes.

At present FRT Tapes is capable of producing tapes from glass fibre and carbon fibre with a ratio of 45% to a volume of 72%, but they are confident of being able to develop this further to even higher standards.

Their success is based on a direct melt impregnation technology, which forms a high fibre volume tape with a constant quality in combination with a uniquely balanced system for fibre spreading and straightening. FRT Tapes has its own slitting department and are able to deliver a width of 5 mm and more. The lengths of the tapes are up to 2000 metres.

FRT Tapes wants to play a crucial part in the development of civil applications for thermoplastic fibre products by making good use of their connections with experts in the field and suppliers of robots and laser technology. FRT Tapes builds its own machine units that produce 1 million kg on a yearly base.