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Dynatech, a weight reducing system for aircraft and high-speed train interiors

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18 Mar 2014

SMTC introduces Dynatech, a thermoplastic sandwich panel system, suitable for mass-production destinated to aircraft and high-speed train interiors, which functions in an all-in-one system and is ready to be formed. 

SMTC announced at JEC Europe 2014 in Paris, the official launch of Dynatech products, developed specifically for the use in applications that require light weight in combination with high performance such as damage tolerance and superior fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) values.

Due to its thermoplastic nature as a ready-to-be formed sandwich system for mass production, it can be used for the manufacturing of various complex shaped parts in the interior of aircrafts and trains, like seats, luggage - or overhead-bins, side-walls, trolleys, galleys, tables, bars or doors, to just quote some of them. Based on a PEI in-situ foamed panel, it also offers better thermic and acoustic isolation compared to traditional honeycomb based on thermoset panels, which will in the end also contribute to the traveller´s comfort.

In acquiring this innovation for Dynatech, from inventor and patent-holder FITS Technology, SMTC, who was formerly focused on producing aluminium-based honeycomb systems, now invests and upgrades in a completely new thermoplastic mass-market-technology. AMAC representing FITS for the commercialization has made this cooperation possible.

This close partnership between all 3 parties involved, from the inventor (FITS) over the business developer (AMAC) to the production and marketing (SMTC) is a good example of a fast and efficient business case, from the invention over the market access to the production technology.

Dynatech's unique automated production furthermore guarantees higher quality standards and control possibilities which is highly appreciated by the OEMs. Due to the patented closed-box procedure, this system allows for sophisticated design of the edge close-out which actually becomes the strongest part of the system. In that way, it can provide a total system cost reduction of up to 20-30% , beside the weight reduction of 20-40%.

In both steadily growing end-markets, aircraft and high-speed train, safety, weight and space-saving become more stringent with the immediate result that the demand for performance is growing. Dynatech can help generate new design opportunities for that the aircraft and train builders can use thinner layers of sandwich material, which will ultimately lead to more space for the travellers. Its heat resistance properties make this system a highly desirable and long-lasting material to be used for the interior.

The production of pilots has already started, qualifications are running and the first customers have received prototypes. The full commercial production will be ready in 2016.

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