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e-Xstream announces a new Digimat software solution to compute virtual allowables

News International-French

17 Mar 2015

The new solution replaces physical test of composite materials with advanced simulation to allow on the fly allowable predictions.

The solution combines a solution oriented graphical user interface, efficient micromechanical modeling, accurate progressive failure analysis and nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) analysis. Digimat-VA is expected to be available in April.

Digimat-VA empowers engineers to virtually compare materials before going into a lengthy physical allowables test process. By generating virtual allowables, engineers can now start the component design in parallel with physical allowable testing. Furthermore, it enables the user to explore material sensitivity to parameters variability and thus better understand the performance of composites.

The Digimat-VA user interface allows users to define the allowables test matrix for any combination of CFRP materials, lay-ups, environment conditions and types of coupon tests; prepare and run the virtual tests, post-process results and generate a customized report. It is powered by a nonlinear FEA solver coupled with the Digimat multi-scale modeling nonlinear finite element solver and Digimat progressive failure modeling.

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