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EasyStand: The first 3D-printed skiboot prototype in windform

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10 Feb 2015

The skiboot structure has been entirely made in Windform SP, one of the top level material of the Windform family.

Windform SP is a polyamide-based material reinforced with carbon fibers. It is particularly appreciated in the field of motorsports and aerospace where high performances are required. The Windform SP has been developed by CRP Technology, a company headquartered in Italy with more than 20 years of experience in Additive Manufacturing and High-Performing 3D Printing.

CRP Technology offers parts production for short and limited-number production runs, and prototyping services with advanced 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions. CRP Technology develops, manufactures and markets its proprietary Windform laser sintering materials. The deep know-how of the Italian company has been chosen to construct the first ever 3D-printed skiboot prototype in Windform.

EasyStand: The Windform SP 3D-printed skiboot prototype
The inventor of the EasyStand skiboot is Mr Franz Egger: “I’m a sporting goods dealer since more than 30 years and I am well aware of the questions regarding skiboots. With the innovation Easystand I wanted to find successful solutions for the manufacturer, for the sporting goods dealer and for the skier. My main aim is to bring back more skiers on the slopes (beginners and former skiers)”.

The innovation of this project consists in the use of 3D printing as manufacturing process and in the presence of three different skiboot insoles. Each one is higher in the front part compared to the rear part. This guarantees a much better fitting of the heel in the boot and a bit more space for the toes. The skier gets more pressure for the initiation of the turns, better grip, safer skiing, less injuries. The skiboot has a split insole and an integrated wedge. The wedge is connected with a regulator by a stick. By adjusting the regulator it is possible to change the wedge into three different positions and so also changing the height of the foot in the boot. This patent serves as completion to patent nr. 13527.

The whole structure of the skiboot has been made in Windform SP with the technology of selective laser sintering by CRP Technology. Windform SP is a highly ductile material with top mechanical resistance and it is waterproof with excellent sealing characteristics both to liquids (water, oil, gasoline, etc...) and gas. Windform SP is used where there is high stress fatigue even in time type vibration or shock without the risk of breaking. The elasticity helps to absorb these mechanical stress. Compared to other 3D printing materials, Windform SP can maintain its relevant characteristics even at low temperature and for ski products this feature is very relevant.

More information: - www.crptechnology