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EconCore obtains chinese patent

News International-French

18 Feb 2013

EconCore, the world leader in new technologies for economic honeycomb sandwich production, has been granted a chinese patent for its half open ThermHex honeycomb core material and production process.

EconCore's CEO Jochen Pflug points out that “This is not only essential for the expansion of our Asian license sales to the chinese market, but also important for our current and future licensees in Europe and America, because it further strengthens the security of investments in our technology.”  

ThermHex honeycomb cores are produced in in a fast, continuous and cost-efficient in-line process. During this process, not only the core is formed, but it gets also laminated. In a first step polymer resin is extruded into a film, vacuum formed and then folded into a honeycomb core. In a second step thermoplastic skins can be added to form mono-material sandwich panels, but also composite, wood, non-woven, aluminum or steel skins are possible. The ThermHex technology allows for the production of honeycomb cores from a range of thermoplastic polymers. These include PP, PE, PET, PLA, PVC, ABS, PC, PPS, PEI and many others. Sandwich panels with ThermHex honeycomb cores can be used for a variety of applications in numerous markets like packaging, automotive, furniture, building & construction and interior design.


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