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ECS completes latest expansion phase with new Haas CNC

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14 Nov 2014

Express Composite Solutions (ECS) has consolidated its latest phase of plant and premises expansion with the purchase and installation of a new Haas VF2SSYT 3 Axis CNC machine at its Northamptonshire-based workshop.

The Haas manufactures metallic or plastic parts up to 760mm in length at superfast speeds with its 12000 rpm spindle, high feed rates and tool change capability. It is now fully operational and complemented by the company’s Semco knee mill, which is ideal for 2nd ops on parts produced on the Haas mill.

ECS, which prides itself on its innovation, accuracy and swift turnaround times, was established only two years ago by pattern, mould and composite tooling experts, Andy Collins and David Damsell.  Such is the company’s success that this year ECS has doubled its production space and invested heavily in new machinery.

Andy Collins, ECS director, explained, “The new Haas machine for aluminium and composite manufacture, along with the installation of a second 5 axis machine, with the purchase of a  brand new Sahos Dynamic CNC 5 axis this summer, are part of our planned growth strategy.

“We are committed to investing in plant and premises in order to fulfil existing clients’ growing requirements and to meet increasing demands from new customers. Although we have a strong reputation in F1, clients from other industry sectors are now also seeking out our expertise and services. The new machines and expanded workspace allow 24/7 operations in composite, aluminium and other materials manufacturing.”

ECS director Dave Damsell added, “Our experienced engineers are highly skilled at providing fast, accurate and inventive solutions for any industry needing our services. ECS is a well-resourced yet compact company.  We are small enough to provide flexible services tailored to individual clients’ needs yet large enough to deliver high quality work on time and at highly competitive prices.