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Ecust partners with Boeing to develop solar energy carbon fiber recovery technology

News International-French

12 Nov 2013

Recently, Boeing has officially signed a cooperation agreement with East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) School of materials science and engineering Zhao Chongjun Project team. Both sides agree to start substantial cooperation on the carbon fiber material recycling from carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite materials.

This cooperation aims to explore a new carbon fiber recovery route using solar technology from the thermoset polymer based CFRP. They hope to develop a low energy consumption, large CFRP size, and high efficiency recovery method.

CFRP has been more and more widely used in the high-end fields of aerospace, automotive, military and other products. The waste recycling and reuse of CFRP has got much attention. Because the existing technology generally has large energy consumption, second time pollution, and is difficult or impossible to obtain orderly and lengthy carbon fiber (CFs) material therefore seeking efficient recovery method has become the key of waste recycling and reuse.

The following representatives from ECUST and Boeing have attended the signing ceremony:

  • Tu Shandong, ECUST Professor, Vice Chancellor
  • Ren Hu, Deputy Director, ECUST Science and Technology Office
  • Professor Liu Changjun, Assistant Dean, ECUST Institute of Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Liu Changsheng, Dean, ECUST College of materials
  • Zhao Chongjun, project team member, ECUST College of materials,
  • Professor Zhang Jinzhao, ECUST Institute of materials
  • Hao Junwen, ECUST Mechanical College
  • Boeing (China), vice president of research and technology, Dr. Dongyang Wu,
  • Boeing China executive vice president of strategic integration, Commercial Aviation Services Mrs. Lee A. Warner
  • Boeing Global research and development strategy chief Mr. Bill Lyons
  • Boeing Commercial Airplane product development manager Mr. Jeff Roberts
  • Boeing (China) research and technical operations manager Tang Rui
  • Boeing Researcher Tracy Lee

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