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Edra Equipamentos develops sustainable technology for composite molding

News International-French

5 Oct 2012

The Brazilian company Edra Equipamentos has developed a sustainable technology for the molding of composite parts.

Named RTM-G (Resin Transfer Molding – Glass), the process combines the injection of resin into the mold with the use of post-consumer waste from tempered glass, which acts as reinforcement material in place of traditional fiberglass or glass mat.  


Besides allowing the reuse of the glass that would be discarded, the RTM-G only uses colorless resins derived from renewable and recycled sources. And the peroxide used for curing or hardening the polymers is free of phthalates, which are substances considered harmful to the environment.

Initially, RTM-G will be used by Edra Equipamentos to produce furniture. “Tempered glass waste has rendered a very interesting aspect to the tables and benches that we have produced in the testing phase", said Jorge Braescher, CEO.       


Sustainable ATM
Respect to the environment is part of all projects developed by Edra Equipamentos. In July, the company launched the country's first sustainable ATM. With more than twenty innovations compared to traditional models, the booth has walls and ceiling made of "green" composites, natural lighting, solar energy harvesting and reuse of rainwater for growing a garden on its roof, among other environmentally friendly insights.

Photos:Table made by RTM-G process and a detail of the finishing