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Edra Equipamentos prepares to supply to the oil and gas industry

News International-French

21 Jan 2015

A Brazilian leader in ATMs and products for the visual communication of banks, the company decided to extend its expertise in composites molding to the manufacturing of pipes, accessories and equipment for on and offshore platforms.

They will start with pipes for carrying oil, salt water, gases and fluids in general, but the idea is to add to our portfolio other solutions in high-performance composites for the operations of oil exploration, extraction and refining.

Budgeted at US$ 15 million, the first phase of this investment is concentrated in industrial expansion, acquisition of equipment and other adjustments. 

“We have also invested in the training of a team consisting of professionals with extensive experience in the production of pipes for admittedly complex applications,” said Jorge Braescher, president of Edra Equipamentos. 

The commercial production of Edra Equipamentos is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2015. “We will have a production capacity of approximately 300 km/year of pipes up to 40” in diameter. They will be produced from special resins and with specific characteristics to fully meet the needs of different field classifications.”

The president of Edra Equipamentos estimates that in five years the supply to the oil and gas sector should account for an annual revenue of nearly US$ 75 million. “Brazil has a huge potential in this area, not to mention that there is still little explored opportunities involving composites”.

The new business unit of Edra Equipamentos – which is internally called e-energy – will join other five: e-bank (ATMs); e-visual (visual communication); e-home (design furniture); e-modular (modular structures) and e-services (provision of maintenance services). “The scope of e-energy will be even broader, because we intend to operate in other areas involving the generation of energy,” said Braescher.

A fully Brazilian company, Edra Equipamentos currently employs 50 employees – other 30 should be hired up to the beginning of the activities of e-energy. In 2012, it was elected one of the “50 Empresas do Bem” [Companies with Good Practices] by IstoÉ Dinheiro Magazine.