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EEE enclosures

News International-French

16 Apr 2011

UVEEE enclosures need to withstand severe conditions and requirements. Composite materials meet all these needs while being much cheaper than traditional enclosure materials.

(Published on July-August 2008 – JEC Magazine #42)


Allied Moulded Products, Inc. uses BMC (bulk moulding compounds) and SMC (sheet moulding compounds) from IDI Composites International to produce NEMA-grade electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) enclosures. These enclosures must withstand highly corrosive environments such as chemical and wastewater treatment plants, as well as the impact of harsh weather conditions when housed outdoors, for instance on golf courses and sporting fields. The enclosures must also demonstrate superior structural rigidity and strength, as well as good electrical insulation properties.


IDI’s SMC and BMC are much less expensive than traditional enclosure materials such as stainless steel, making them an ideal replacement for metals. Furthermore, thermoset components are up to 35% lighter than steel parts of equal strength, helping to reduce costs associated with transportation. Composite materials also offer many other benefits for Allied’s outdoor products, including ballistic resistance for protection against damage from rocks or sports equipment, UV-resistance, and moulded-in colour allowing the enclosures to easily blend into their environment.