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The effects of pigment pastes on pultrusion processing and performance

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28 Jan 2014

Chromaflo Technologies presents a paper at the World Pultrusion Conference on 6-7 March 2014 in Lisboa, Portugal. 

Chromaflo Technologies, one of the largest independent global supplier of pigment and chemical dispersions for the Thermoset and Coatings industries will present a paper at the World Pultrusion Conference on 6-7 March 2014 in Lisboa, Portugal.

Pigments pastes play a vital role in most pultrusion applications. Their primary function is to impart color in a molded pultrusion profile, giving the necessary appearance and aesthetic attributes to bring it to the marketplace. The paper will review pigment pastes for polyester and urethane pultrusion applications.

“For polyester pultrusion applications we will illustrate how some colorants can affect the thermodynamic process of cure in a pultrusion production line and how some of these effects can be mitigated through the use of additives or modifications to the fully formulated pultrusion system” comments Kristine Eisemon, Global Industry Manager Thermoset Plastics.

The paper will also review how pigment selection and the addition of stabilizing additives can impact outdoor weathering performance. Finally the unique challenges of coloring and stabilizing urethane pultrusion systems and how some of those challenges can be overcome will be discussed.

For pultrusion applications, Chromaflo Technologies in Europe offers several pigment paste product lines:
- PLASTICOLORS CF line: pigment pastes for unsaturated polyester pultrusion
- PLASTICOLORS UPL line: color pastes for polyurethane pultrusion
- PLASTICOLORS EDC-ND line: color pastes for epoxy pultrusion

In Europe manufacturing and technical support is provided from the site in The Netherlands. Chromaflo Technologies Europe supplies all of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

About Chromaflo Technologies:
Chromaflo Technologies is the combination of the former Plasticolors Inc., the Colortrend global colorants business and the recently acquired CPS Color’s colorants business. Chromaflo diverse technical and custom manufacturing capabilities provide color solutions to meet the most complex requirements for the Thermoset and Coatings industry. Chromaflo Technologies is headquartered in Ashtabula, OH, and has production facilities in the U.S., Canada, The Netherlands, Finland, China and Australia. Sales and technical support is also provided throughout North and South America, Europe, Australia, China, India and Southeast Asia. 

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