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Efficient control cockpit

News International-French

14 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - The Efficient control cockpit is a computer aided tool for data acquisition, storage, and analysis of production equipment. Decisions in the fields of production optimization, maintenance, quality assurance, and investment planning are supported by software modules ("supervising", "logging", etc.) that can be freely combined.

Advantages are following:

-Fully automatic data aquisition and central data base storage of technical an operational data deliver excellent data quality.

-Structured data processing guarantees optimal transparency, even for most complex plants.

-ECC supports you in the optimization of your processes and in the maximization of your productivity. This is your crucial advantage.


Data aquistion from the plant PLC(s) and applied sensors is executed via standardized interfaces, all data are stored in a central data base. The powerful FillMatrix technology enables cutting edge analysis tools:

-Historical display of alarms and operating messages

-Availability and productivity indicators according to VDI and TPM

-Downtime and plant state analysis employing the Pareto principle

-Part traceability function and recipe change logs

-Electronic shift log and maintenance tools


These tools support the definition of measures to increase productivity and optimize processes. The effectiveness of these measures can be checked immediately. The functionality also ensures production processes and quality.



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