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Efficient production of carbon fibre preforms

News International-French

29 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - Using the Dieffenbacher Preform Technology, complex dry carbon fibre preforms were successfully produced for the first time ever in a fully automated sequence and with short cycle times of 90 seconds, or 40 preforms per hour

In this process, several individual layers of carbon fibre material are cut and draped to a near-net-shape three-dimensional preform. The preform is then pressed during the subsequent HP-RTM process to produce a finished component.

The Dieffenbacher Preform Technology offers several advantages. Near-net-shape preforming significantly reduces the consumption of the valuable raw material, carbon. In addition, both individually-cut layers for partial reinforcement within a preform and multiple preforms are possible within a cycle. The maximum cutting size is 4,000 x 2,500 millimetres.

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