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Elan Technologies to develop new composite material

News International-French

21 Mar 2012

Slingshot Product Development Group, a full service product innovation, development, and manufacturing firm, has partnered with Élan Technologies, a company specialized in composite development for the motorsport industry, to develop and commercialize an innovative patented composite technology.

The technology includes physical properties that are either equal to or surpass the performance factors of pure carbon fiber composite materials.


The new composite material has low density, which decreases the total weight of parts as well as the products. It also has a higher single point impact resistance that protects ballistic properties. Thus, the materials technology is ideal for products that require a greater strength at a lower weight, as well as an improved impact protection. In addition, it offers high cost benefits, which attract the interest of major markets, including performance consumer, sports and marine equipment, medical, and military.


The collaboration combines Élan Technologies’ production technology and materials expertise with established New Product Development methods of Slingshot. Noah McNeely, Slingshot’s President and CEO, stated that the company has collaborated with Élan Technologies to develop a unique solution that helps to meet the needs of existing and new markets. He also added that both the companies will work together to serve their common customers from developing the product concept to complete production.


Slingshot is a provider of different services ranging from conceptual design to volume production to several markets, including consumer, professional, medical, security and military. The company’s team offers a wide range of capabilities, which include manufacturing engineering, material science, chemistry, technology development, biomedical engineering, and mechanical engineering.


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