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Elbit Systems to manufacture composites parts for the F-35 Lightning II Program

News International-French

9 Jul 2014

The company announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Elbit Systems - Cyclone Ltd, has been approved as a manufacturer on the Qualified Products List (QPL) for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program.


The approvals come after a series of successful qualification tests carried out by Lockheed Martin as part of a seven-year agreement for Elbit - Cyclone to deliver 16 unique components and assemblies for the JSF program.

Composite parts approved for the JSF include various aeronautical carbon-epoxy laminates and honeycomb sandwich panels for the F-35 family of single-seat, multi-role fighter jets.

Yoram Shmuely, Elbit Systems Aerospace Division's General Manager, commented: "Elbit Systems is proud to be a supplier for this prestigious program. This approval represents a significant milestone towards achieving serial production, and hopefully will lead to the receipt of orders for additional F-35 composite parts and assemblies. The recent approval of these major aviation manufacturers acknowledges the trust and recognition Elbit - Cyclone has established in the field of composite components for aerial platforms, and we believe it will pave the way for further business opportunities in this fast- growing market in which advanced technologies and constant innovation play a crucial role".

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