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An electric skateboard made with carbon fiber and kevlar

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24 Jun 2014

Marbel introduces an electric skateboard which weights 9 lbs, goes up to 20 mph, for 10+ mile range and controled via a mobile app.

The Marbel board was designed to be lightweight, fast, and easy to use. The entire Marbel electric skateboard weighs 9.9 pounds. It has enough power to go 20 mph uphill, will take the rider 10 miles per charge, and all of the electronics and batteries are completely integrated into the carbon fiber/kevlar deck.
On top of that, it connects with user's smartphone to customize its riding style and even control the throttle of its board.

Carbon fiber and kevlar decks
Carbon fiber and Kevlar layup is molded into an ultralight unibody deck using a process that combines hand craftsmanship and precision machining. Unibody construction means a higher-quality, less complex design with fewer parts. That translates to a board that’s thin and light, yet durable enough to handle the rigors of serious everyday use. The board provides a smooth ride while protecting all of the critical electronics and battery cells encased inside the deck from any sort of impact or bad weather.

The nose and tail of the board are the only parts not carbon fiber or kevlar. They are made of urethane rubber, the same material our wheels are made from. They are called "bumpers" because they protect the front and back of the Marbel board from any impact. They also protect the tail of the board when you set it on the ground. To protect the sides and belly of the board, Marbel utilizes a kevlar composite.

Dashboard app
The board connects with Marbel dashboard smartphone (iOS + Android) app to allow users to fully customize their rides. It gives them three pre-defined ride modes, and gives a full control over top speed and acceleration levels. The dashboard app also gives access into the Marbel community with ability to map, compare, and even share favorite rides with friends and other Marbel riders.

About Marbel:
The company started two years ago by a group of engineers and designers who passionately believe in sustainable transportation, with a focus on building innovative electric vehicles.

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