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Electric two seats light aircraft achieved successful first flight in Shenyang

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21 Jun 2013

Early this month, an electric two seats light sport aircraft independently designed, developed and manufactured by Shenyang Aerospace University advanced general aircraft design manufacturing and demonstration collaborative innovation center has successfully achieved its first flight in the Shenyang Fakucai Lake airport.

Electric two seats light aircraft achieved successful first flight in Shenyang

Mr. He Jun is the person in charge of the development and research of this aircraft who is also the assistant dean of the Liaoning General Aviation Academy (LGAA), he said.

This new clean energy aircraft closely followed with the international new energy aircraft development trend. It used lithium battery as energy power source and applied the carbon fiber composite material as the body structure. Compared with the traditional oil driving aircraft, it has the characteristics advantages of low cost, energy saving and environmental protective as well as safety and practical.

Except for teaching and entertainment flight, the electric two seats light aircraft can also be used for industrial, agricultural, forestry, and animal husbandry industries.

LGAA was founded in February 2011. It is a general aviation research institute jointly set up by the Shenyang Aerospace University, AVIC Aerodynamics Research Institute, and AVIC Shenyang aircraft design Institute.

In just 3 years of time, LGAA has completed the flight test of lithium battery powered electric UAV, hydrogen fuel cell electric UAVs and lithium battery powered electric two seats light sport aircraft. Those three aircrafts have a completely independent intellectual property rights, they have achieved the leaps from unmanned to manned and from single seat to double seats. At the same time, the center also trained a large number of outstanding young engineers and scientists with strong R & D strength.

China is facing an enormous development opportunity, LGAA plans to build a two seats general-purpose aircraft test production line at the end of 2013. By 2015, they want to achieve an annual production capacity of 100 general aviation aircrafts and built up an advanced general aviation aircraft management demonstration system. By the year 2020, their industrial scale will achieve an annual production capacity of 1000 general aviation aircrafts.

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