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Eleven new Laureates for the JEC Europe Innovation Awards Program in 2013!

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30 Jan 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - JEC Group announces the 2013 winners of the JEC Europe Innovation Awards Program.

This year, 11 companies and their partners will receive an awards at JEC Europe - Composites Show and Conferences (March 12-14, 2013) for their composites innovations. The jury has selected the best composite breakthroughs, based on their technical interest, market potential, partnerships,financial & environmental impact and originality. The decision to give prominence to these projects was based on their atypical nature and various noteworthy aspects.


In 2013, the winners were selected from the following categories: Raw materials, Thermoplastics, Multifunctional materials, Machining & Tool, Building & Construction, Aeronautics, Automotive, Wind Energy, Sports & Leisure and a Special prize.


The JEC Innovation Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday March 12 at 5:00 pm on the JEC Show (at the Agora) and will be open to all exhibitors and visitors. The ceremony is sponsored by CYTEC, JEC Composites Magazine, Aviation Week and Innovation & Industrie.



Eleven Companies Recognized at the 2013 JEC Europe Innovation Awards

  • Raw materials Category: BAC2 Limited (UK)
    A new family of latent acid catalysts to make prepolymeric mixes easier to store, transport, handle and process.

  • Thermoplastics Category: MVC (Brazil) & Arkema (France)
    An innovative transportation concept using a revolutionary thermoplastic composite resin solution.

  • Multifunctional Materials Category: Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University (Germany)
    A thermally conductive fibre-reinforced composite material

  • Machining and Tools Category: Cruing Italy Srl (Italy)
    A tooling solution to evacuate hot dust particles produced during cutting operations.

  • Building and Construction Category: Owens Corning (France)
    High-energy-efficiency façade panels based on composite profiles.

  • Aeronautics Category: Fokker Aerostructures BV (The Netherlands)
    The first thermoplastic composite tailplane developed and put into production for a helicopter.

  • Automotive Category: ECM (France)
    Self-supporting composite structure for a light urban electric vehicle.

  • Wind Energy Category: SchäferRolls Gmbh & Co KG (Germany)
    A thick-walled filament-wound carbon fibre composite shaft more than 8.5 metres long and nearly 1 metre in diameter.

  • Sports & Leisure Category: Zodiac Recreational (France)
    New generations of ecodesigned semi-rigid boats

  • Special Prize: BMW Group (Germany)
    LifeDrive concept: the world’s first body architecture that is purpose designed and built for the series production of electric vehicles.