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Engel: new versions for successful duo series

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27 Jun 2012

High performance and a small footprint are the key attributes of the large dual platen Engel duo machine. Now Engel Austria has expanded the established series in time for its Symposium 2012. The producer of injection moulding machines has pre-empted the specific needs of tomorrow’s applications in the sector with two new versions: the vertical Engel v-duo and the electric Engel e-duo.


ENGEL AUSTRIA has introduced an innovative lightweight composite process into the range with its vertical ENGEL v-duo. When inserting reinforcing elements such as organic sheets and tapes – and in the case of in-situ polymerisation and the high-pressure RTM process – it often makes sense to work with gravity. A vertical clamping unit offers benefits in these instances, and increases efficiency.


ENGEL v-duo facilitates new lightweight composite process

The vertical version of the large-scale duo machine also features a compact design with low height and weight. Low machine height ensures easy access to the handling and maintenance area while the relatively low weight of the machine cuts investment costs as existing halls can be used (and the cost of foundations is reduced where a new structure is built). Sidestepping the conventional hydraulic accumulator and opting for an energysaving ecodrive as standard makes the machine even more cost-effective.


Even the standard version of the ENGEL v-duo offers a wide range of options; others can be added at any time. Expanded, universal control technology based on the tried-andtrusted CC 200 control unit includes software packages for, amongst other things, autoprotect, measuring and regulating platen parallelism and optimising clamping force.  Machine control programs developed in recent years (for injection compression moulding with precise regulation of platen parallelism, for example) can also be used on the v-duo. The ENGEL v-duo is initially available for sale in five clamping force ranges (400, 700, 1,100, 1,700 and 2,300 tons).


ENGEL e-duo meets the highest standards of precision

The new ENGEL e-duo brings the advantages of electric drive technology to the largescale machine class; it stands for the ultimate in precision and repeatability, high injection performance and maximum energy efficiency. Drawing on 12 years of experience in constructing all-electric injection moulding machines, ENGEL AUSTRIA can now apply synergy from its established ENGEL e-motion series to large-scale machines.


The mechanical engineering specialist is planning to unveil an ENGEL e-duo 500 pico from the new series at the ENGEL Symposium 2012. With five clamping force ranges between 500 and 700 tons available, ENGEL will be the only producer of injection moulding machines in Europe to offer all-electric dual platen machines in this class.



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