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Engine mount made of thermoplastic fibre composites

News International-French

22 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - The use of fibre-reinforced plastic composites in large series applications will be presented through the example of an engine mount for the VW E-Golf.

GF-PP thermoplastic unidirectional (UD) fabrics in combination with GF-PP GMT materials are used for the engine mount. The production is 100% based on a thermoforming process.

The continuous fibre reinforcement based on UD materials enables an optimum utilization of the reinforcing fibre properties. The resulting mechanical properties are about 20% higher than those of comparable woven fabrics. Moreover, rib structures can be integrated. The components are characterized by a high energy input capability in crash situations and a high vibration damping of structure-borne noise.

The merging of three process steps (compounding, film production and impregnation) that were previously entirely separated into a direct impregnating process leads to a significant cost reduction and further improves the performance of continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite structures for lightweight applications.

Compared to the conventional component, a 35% weight saving and a 30% cost reduction by functional integration were achieved in the actual application. Cycle times of about 1 minute can be achieved. Thus, these materials are optimally suited for large series components in vehicle construction and industrial applications.

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