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The entire composite industry in a single glance - third edition

News International-French

15 Jun 2020

Our composite industry has flourished over the years, and new participants are being added to the already long list of players.

Our value chain is complex, with at least forty very distinct constituent segments, accounting for a bit more than 11.7 million tons, 83 billion dollars, and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

To gain a clearer view of all this, we published the first Composite Landscape on February 2020 and this is the third version. As you have seen, it was not all-inclusive, but it already makes it possible to locate a certain number of companies on the chessboard.

All players are not all there, but we worked to enhance it and a more comprehensive version is now available.

The objective is to add details for the different sectors and to include companies that were not listed yet. And we are already working on a new version for next month.

The entire composite industry in a single glance – new edition