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Environmentally-friendly epoxy resins

News International-French

29 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - The environmental benefits of these new epoxy resins are certified by an independent organization – the International EPD Consortium (IEC) from Sweden.

This product obtained the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificate for grades CHS-EPOXY G 520, CHS-EPOXY G 525 and CHS-EPOXY G 530.


Green epoxy resins are produced in the company’s plant from glycerine-based epichlorhydrin. These resins have indisputable environmental benefits and enable customers to significantly reduce their environmental impact. This technology offers a range of environmentally-friendly solutions that meet customers’ needs for eco-alternatives to conventional materials by reducing the overall environmental impact of the final product. Green epoxy resins are based on renewable resources (reduced consumption of fossil resources) and significantly less carbon dioxide is emitted during their production compared to conventional production technology (reduced carbon footprint). They are chemically indistinguishable from propylene-based conventional epoxy resins and can be used in the same huge range of applications such as wind energy, composites, automotive, electro-industry, coatings, etc.  


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