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Envision 93 meters large blade turbine refresh the wind power record

News International-French

16 May 2012

Following 2009 launch of the world's first 87 meters blade 1.5 MW of low wind speed wind turbine, beginning of the month the world's first 1.5 MW 93 meters large blade turbine has been installed and connected to grid power generation.

Envision Energy Corporation once again refreshed the global wind catching record. This achievement marks China Wind power’s industrial utilization and development in the wind resource area of wind speed as low as ultra-low of 5.5 m/s.


The ultra-low wind speed area refers to the region with annual average wind speed below 6 m/s. The ultra-low wind speed area accounts for 30% of the total wind resource.


Before, due to the technical conditions, the ultra-low wind speed area almost has no development. And most of the China's energy consumption intensive area is in the ultra-low wind speed area.


The 93 meters blade ultra low speed wind turbine put into application can solve the plight of the effective use of wind power in China's electric power load centers.



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