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epm: technology formalises a ‘self-improvement’ division

News International-French

24 Aug 2012

epm technology formally opens an R&D Division in line with its 3 point future strategy.

This move has been gathering momentum for some time but formalizing it will enable epm to dedicate resource and budget to a range of projects. This will also allow formal engagement with third parties to become project partners to epm.


Mulholland explains “We have always been different, we challenge the normal thinking of our industry but we have the courage to do it.  We have also gained loyalty from being open and honest.”


“From where we are today I see this is the start of a journey which will see epm self-improving and being able to transfer greater process knowledge to our customers, to me this reinforces our honesty.”


We are also part way through a significant programme to see epm grow its core activities and introduce its outlook and approach to new markets, in particular complicated Aerospace components and assemblies, plus some structural volume components for Automotive markets.  In time our facilities will also grow in line with our staff numbers but we have set our sights clearly on a 3 point plan and we are prepared to invest in our customer’s needs to achieve it.”


Mulholland continued “ In time we may even take on 3rd party R&D activities and charge for our know-how, accelerating products from being simple composite parts to brilliant, exciting and revolutionary composite parts.  We may push these into production or we may transfer the know-how back to the customer providing a partnership approach to manufacture.”


“Our road map is very clear today, up skilling our staff and giving our engineers a budget to make epm better is very exciting for us but more importantly it’s exciting for our customers.”


“epm formalising its ability to self-improve is a critical part of our culture” concluded Mulholland.


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