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Epotec Expandable Epoxies - Versatile materials for structural composites

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12 Mar 2013

Epotec Expandable Epoxy systems from Aditya Birla Chemicals provide optimum combination of mechanical and thermal properties and are suitable for varied composite processing techniques and applications.

These systems based on proprietary technology are designed to provide free rise and expansion on mixing of resin and hardener components. The processing can be done at ambient as well as elevated temperature conditions to prepare foam blocks with densities ranging from 130-800 kgs/m3. The cured blocks can be used as core-sandwich materials to provide lightweight, rigid and dimensionally stable components. Alternately the expandable epoxy systems can also be used as an in-situ adhesive or for repairing crack and pinhole defects by injection process. The expandable epoxies are closed cell compared to commonly used core materials which results in lower resin uptake in core infusion process and lower moisture absorption.

The expandable systems are suitable for various applications as  in sports and recreational goods such as surfboards, rackets composite hockey sticks, light weight sandwich panels in automotive and marine applications, infrastructure applications such as composite roofs and domes. Additionally the systems are advantageous in crack injection for repair applications and as adhesives.

About Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) Limited (Epoxy Division):
The company is the largest manufacturer of epoxy resin and systems in the ASEAN region. Its Epotec epoxy resins and systems are exported to all continents and the product portfolio extends to all segments of epoxy applications. The company has well developed and established range of products for composite applications which includes epoxy systems for; tooling / molds, gel coat, pre-preg, infusion, laminating resins for repair applications, RTM , filament winding & pultrusion, structural adhesive and expandable epoxies. The company’s R&D and Application Development Centre (ADC) testing facilities are accredited by Germanischer Lloyd (GL).

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