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Epoxy technology concept for VaRTM impregnation

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21 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Nagase ChemteX develops a variety of adhesives widely used in the electrical appliances, automotive, machining, maritime, and aerospace industries

Typical Properties of the new epoxy resin system:


1)    Hybrid curing system for windmill blade impregnation

Epoxy resin and Polyester resin are used for windmill blade impregnation, but each has good and bad feature. Nagase ChemteX developed a resin system by interpenetrating network technology. This idea is based on the co-polymerization reaction of additional and radical polymerization.


2)    Another topics

-Nonflammable and transparent VaRTM system for railway

This technology is developed for Fluorescent light cover of railway.

The combination of overlay and GFRP are consisted with inorganic transparent clay strike film and transparent fire retardant GFRP.

This is joint development with AIST (the national institute of Advance Institute of Science and Technology) and Nagase CemteX.

-The high toughness epoxy adhesives like thermo-plastics

This technology is developed for Automotive adhesive instead of weld-bonding.

This Adhesives is under evaluating by Port University.


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