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An epoxy toughening system for carbon and glass fiber composites

News International-French

12 May 2015

Zyvex Technologies announces ZNT-boost, an epoxy-composite toughening system for carbon and glass fiber composites that brings the benefits of increased toughness without compromising the strength and stiffness of the composite.

The company states that ZNT-boost increases the toughness of the composite up to 100% while increasing the stiffness and strength up to 30%.

In addition to providing a combination of toughness and strength, ZNT-boost is easy to use with standard composite processing systems and is likely the simplest way to leverage the benefits of carbon nanomaterials. No process changes need to be made and no changes are required in your catalysts or curing agents when using ZNT-boost.

In deploying the first commercial adoption of ZNT-boost, Zyvex Technologies worked closely with Composites Universal Group (CUG) located in Scappoose, Oregon.

The product is available in two forms: liquid and dry flake (powder) for most epoxy-based composite applications that include prepreg, VARTM, infusions, and hand layup. ZNT-boost works with most forms of epoxy, vinyl esters and polyesters.

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