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Epoxy vinyl ester resins designed for carbon reinforced composites

News International-French

18 Jul 2014

AOC has developed R058, a line of resins to meet the increased demand for high-performance composites in aerospace, automotive, wind energy, military, marine and other markets.

The R058 series of epoxy vinyl ester resins is specifically designed for carbon fiber reinforcements and creates lightweight composite parts with exceptional strength-to-weight ratios.

The R058 series combine the performance of epoxy resins with the processing speed of unsaturated polyester resins. Designed for vacuum infusion and resin transfer molding (RTM), R058 has good mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

Other benefits of the epoxy vinyl ester resins include:

  • Room temperature cure for laminates as thin as two millimeters
  • Low viscosity for shorter mold fill times and complete fiber wet-out
  • Low laminate exotherm for improved surface aesthetics
  • Superb strength, toughness and chemical resistance over a broad range of temperatures

About AOC:
The company is a supplier of resins, gel coats, colorants, additives and synergistic material systems for composites and cast polymers.

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