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Equipment for automated tailored blank production

News International-French

11 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Van Wees UD and Crossply technology will present the latest developments in the field of automated production of tailored blanks from thermoplastic and thermoset UD tapes.

Starting with the Van Wees UD impregnation machine, the UD tapes are made in widths of 600 or 1250 mm. A Multi-axial UD Crossply machine will place these tapes at different angles on top of each other. The rolls of multi axial oriented UD tapes which are spot-welded in case of thermoplastic UD tapes can be consolidated in multiple layers on a laminator or cut in preforms and consolidated before being pressed or injection moulded. For small scale production, the TPR600 is developed and for larger production volume, the Multi-axial UD Crossply1800 machine. These machines will be presented by movies on the booth at JEC.

Van Wees has the equipment for making the tailored blanks in its Research and Technology Centre which can be used by customers and prospects.

Booth: K1