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Ergonomic scrapers made of glass-filled nylon to improve aerospace sealant removal

News International-French

7 Jan 2015

PPG Industries has expanded its line of SEMCO sealant removal tools with ergonomically-designed scrapers that improve efficiency of aerospace sealant removal and reduce operator fatigue.

According to Dillon Desai, PPG global market development manager for packaging, 10 scrapers have been designed for use by hand for standard sealant removal as well as more difficult and specialty applications such as removal of sealant around fasteners, fillet seals and other hard-to-reach areas.

Five tools are made of glass-filled nylon materials for more difficult operations, while five tools designed for standard sealant removal by hand are made of CELCON acetal copolymer (POM). “The tools are designed for more rigorous operations and will last longer than those made with more traditional materials,” Desai said.

The tools have a variety of widths from 1/4-inch to 3 1/2-inch with eight scrapers having straight ends, one having an angled end and one with a pointed-tip design. An added benefit is that these tools can be sharpened for continued use.

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