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ESAComp enhances the ANSYS composites simulation ecosystem

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23 Apr 2013

ESAComp is software for analysis and design of composites. Its extensive materials database, with approximately 1000 material systems from major material suppliers worldwide, is available to ANSYS users.

This gives a new dimension to the growing ANSYS composites simulation ecosystem.

Data can be easily transferred from ESAComp to ANSYS v14.5 products: in xml to Workbench Engineering Data Manager, in Python to ANSYS Composite PrepPost (ACP) stand-alone, and in MAPDL format data cards to ANSYS "Classic".

The ESAComp toolbox for conceptual and preliminary design complements the ANSYS capabilities. With reverse engineering, experimental data can be converted to design values. Trade-off studies can be performed on material, laminate and component levels very efficiently. Setting up a panel analysis from scratch and running the simulation takes less than 2 minutes. By spending an extra minute, you can find out if geometrical nonlinearity plays a role. Discontinuities like notches and bonded joints are also covered. Robustness of a laminate can be assessed with the probabilistic analysis.

The design process is iterative, so data needs to be exchanged between the products. ACP 14.5 supports the export of laminate and element load data from ANSYS to ESAComp. With this link, the design tools of ESAComp can be used in the detailed laminate design. Moreover, the numerical and graphical results from ESAComp are valuable for reporting purposes. When preparing an ANSYS model, ESAComp can be used for benchmarking to provide additional confidence in the results.


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