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ESI and EDF Energies Nouvelles sign an exclusive partnership agreement

News International-French

5 Dec 2014

ESI Group announces the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with EDF Energies Nouvelles (EDF EN).

The partnership is in place for the next five years and will focus on innovative product development for the renewable energies market, leveraging ESI’s Virtual Prototyping technologies and expertise. New solutions and products co-created in the frame of this partnership will be exclusive to EDF EN.

EDF Energies Nouvelles, a market leader in green electricity production, has appointed ESI to provide studies to optimize the day-to-day operations and maintenance of existing installations, and to support the development of new ones. These renewable energy installations may include photovoltaic installations, wind farms, and offshore wind farms.

ESI’s Virtual Prototyping solutions will sustain the design of EDF EN’s innovative installations by virtually simulating their future performance for standard usage and for accidental conditions - enabling them to anticipate maintenance cost and assure compliance with new and upcoming regulations.

Eric Daubourg, COO of ESI France, comments:
ESI is, more than ever, the partner of choice for testing and guaranteeing the safety of industrial installations. We built early partnerships in the nuclear energy sector and continue our long history of engagement in the electricity sector with EDF Group. This new five year partnership with EDF EN is a sign of the successful implementation of ESI’s Virtual Prototyping strategy in the field of green energy, and reaffirms our presence throughout the energy sector.”

Virtual Prototyping is a proven industrial method that helps manufacturers improve product quality, reduce development time and cost, and manage the direct and indirect environmental impact of new products. On the process side, Virtual Prototypes contribute to reducing, or even eliminating, the use of real prototypes, which are not only costly but also consume useful resources and materials. ESI’s solutions also help manufacturers design greener manufacturing processes and reduce material waste by using tailored and reliable manufacturing technologies.

Virtual Prototyping helps manufacturers deliver more innovative and greener products; ultimately helping consumers to reduce their environmental footprint every day.