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ESI releases its new version of Virtual Performance Solution

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16 Jan 2015

The solution provider in Virtual Prototyping for manufacturing industries, announces the latest release of its flagship software Virtual Performance Solution.

A benchmark in the automotive industry, Virtual Performance Solution empowers manufacturers to evaluate and optimize product performance across multiple domains, so they can develop higher performance products at lower cost and in less time.

By using one central simulation model, or ‘single-core model’ that can integrate all manufacturing properties and multi-domain simulation data, companies using Virtual Performance Solution can efficiently assess trade-off between different engineering domains. This ability is an important enabler of innovative product design and provides particular benefit for companies who must sustain high product performance as they adopt new, lightweight materials.

Working on the same (single-core) model from end-to-end enables interactions between departments and supports faster design iterations; contributing to reduced development costs and time. Using a realistic Virtual Prototype early on in the design process helps manufacturing companies avoid costly late changes and reduces the number of real prototypes required to achieve a certified product.

The latest version of Virtual Performance Solution introduces a brand new modular input methodology. This system enables manufacturers to align the structure of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) models with their Computer-Aided Design (CAD) or Product Data Management (PDM) tools. Following either of these widely used “product trees”, manufacturers can easily share simulation results and iterate with suppliers responsible for product components; saving an unprecedented amount of time. With this new modular assembly, ESI customers can also use an unlimited number of finite elements for each part, adding model details as required.

Enhancements in the domain of Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) include new automated simulation processes, which users can easily customize.

To support the above list of enhancements, Virtual Performance Solution’s Graphical User Interface (Visual-Environment and associated processes) now fully supports modular assembly and the common ESI Result File format across all domains. Based on user feedback, model converters now cover most industrial standard third-party programs. The graphical performance has been improved for handling larger models, which underlines usability in industrial development projects.

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