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A European initiative on NDT standardisation of composites for energy applications

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1 Sep 2014

NPL (UK), BAM (Germany), PTB (Germany), CMI (Czech) and CEA (France) are collaborating on a 3 year European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) project on the development, validation and, ultimately, standardisation of non-destructive inspection techniques for polymer composite materials in energy applications (Project ENG57 - VITCEA). 

The coordinators of the project want to gather the maximum of industrial experiences to finely set the targeted solutions.

The techniques to be studied are:

-Phased array ultrasonics
-Air coupled ultrasonics
-Active thermography

At this stage, industrial input is required to help define the inspection challenges being faced both today and those expected in the future.
More information on the project, which will run from July 2014 to June 2017, is available via the VITCEA project publishable summary

Project progress, results and outputs will also be available via the VITCEA website which is currently under construction.

In order to help steer the project work and enable more targeted solutions, ensuring industrial relevance and application, coordinators invite you to take the time to complete the VITCEA Survey.

Nota Bene :
The responses will not be reported, publicised or shared and will be treated as confidential information. The provided information will only be used for the purposes of defining the generic inspection challenges, and combinations of defect and material types that will be addressed by the project. The survey can be completed confidentially with no obligation to provide contact details. For the ones interested in having a closer interaction with the VITCEA project their contact details will be required.

Mike Gower
[email protected]