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European project on advanced manufacturing routes for metal/composite components for Aerospace

News International-French

4 Nov 2013

The aim of ADMACOM (Advanced manufacturing routes for metal/Composite components for aerospace) is to develop innovative manufacturing technologies based on advanced design of interfaces and of joining materials for aerospace components.

As an example, an innovative joining technology for Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) to metals for aerospace components will be developed.

The combination of advanced design of interfaces and joining materials/technologies, selective matrix removal from the composite surface, laser structuring and mechanical machining of the composite/metal surface will be exploited, together with a suitable joint design both based on positive results obtained by some of the partners of this project on joining of composites to dissimilar materials.

Advanced surface engineering will be used to maximise interface strength for adhesive and high temperature joints by modelling and design of interfaces, advanced wettability studies, modification of surfaces, thermodynamic prediction and computer simulations of interface reactions. ADMACOM gathers recognized experts in advanced surface engineering.

In order to develop innovative manufacturing approaches, novel joining technologies and joining materials will be developed in ADMACOM such as: laser and mechanical structuring of surfaces to be joined, selective matrix removal from composite surface in order to obtain brush-like joints; novel and/or modified commercial brazes will be developed within ADMACOM.

The project gathers recognized experts in joining materials and technology as: Politecnico di Torino, the Fraunhofer institute, EMPA, CNR, Nanoforce Technology, EADS, MT Aerospace...

This project gathers three industrial partners, academia and research institutions with proven world class expertise in production and joining of CMC. In particular C/SiC are produced by two industrial partners of this project (MTA and EADS). The industrial partner Nanoforce will exploit the innovative manufacturing technologies.

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