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Exemplary success for Devi Polymers

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13 Aug 2011

With its 30-35% growth rate, Devi Polymers certainly is getting the full benefit of India’s current exceptional growth. In fact, compared with 20-25% for the Indian composite industry and 8-9% for the country itself, the company is doing much better than the market!

(Published on July 2006 – JEC Magazine #26)


In 1975, Devi Polymers Private Limited (Devi) started manufacturing Polyester Moulding Compounds (PMC), Sheet Moulding Compounds (SMC), Dough/Bulk Moulding Compounds (DMC/BMC) and Kneaded Moulding Compounds (KMC) under license from British-based companies Fothergill & Harvey Ltd. and Freeman Chemicals. Thirty years later, the company boasts a workforce of 400 and a turnover of more than 13 million USD. Its production facilities operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Continued growth


Over the years, the company has developed its technology to become the largest manufacturer of polyester moulding compounds and PMC components in India, and is now the principal supplier of PMC insulation components to the electrical and automotive electrical industries. The electrical sector accounts for 5 to 10% of its turnover. Devi exports PMC components to Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries, and has been recognised by the Indian government’s Plastic Export Promotion Council as the second-largest exporter of GRP for the 1995-1999 period. In 2005, exports accounted for about 15% of its production.


Main characteristics..........
- Flosto GRP water tanks are 100% hygienic inside and outside, harbouring no foreign materials;
- Flosto GRP panels are 100% opaque, permitting no light transmission and, therefore, absolutely no growth of algae or bacteria;
- Modular in construction, very easy and simple to install, the tanks can be delivered in a wide variety of capacities, from 1,000 litres to one million litres and more, within a very short lead time. A typical 100,000-litre tank can be constructed within a week’s time;
- UV stabilized: ideal tank for outdoor weather conditions; - 100% leakproof due to the use of a special sealant on both sides of the panel;
- The “no-maintenance” Flosto tank is designed for easy cleaning;
- Low tank weight makes it especially ideal for placing on building roofs.


Comprehensive expertise


The company has been developing continuously since 1975 and now forms a unique industrial concern, in terms of both quality and offer. Devi has three manufacturing facilities in India, and all are ISO 9001 certified. The capacity of its SMC and DMC manufacturing plant is around 10,000 tons per annum.


Devi has the most integrated SMC manufacturing facilities in India and is one of the very few concerns worldwide to have facilities for the following operations all under one roof: PMC compounding to suit specific needs, hot press moulding, mould manufacturing, manufacture of a wide range of GRP/SMC products, OE supply of GRP/SMC components, and product design.



Water storage tanks: a fast-growing market

Devi Polymer is not only a key player in the automotive and electrical markets, it has also acquired a very favourable position in the water storage tank market. This was not an easy thing to accomplish, especially because the market didn’t just suddenly start booming; through its industrial expertise, Devi has actually contributed greatly to develop it. There are now many applications in India and abroad, including:
- Housing colonies;
– Tanks for storing drinking water on roofs, overhead, at ground level, in basements and, exceptionally, as sump;
- Fire-fighting tanks - the ideal solution for big buildings and plants;
- Water treatment plants - reverse osmosis (RO) plants / demineralisation (DM) plants for storing both raw water and processed water such as DM water, clarified DM water, pure water, etc.;
- Highly chlorinated water or sea water for desalination plants;
- Sewage treatment tanks for sewage treatment plants;
- Make-up or PUF-insulated chilled-water tanks for air conditioning and refrigeration plants;
- Rainwater-collecting storage reservoirs.
These lightweight tanks are easy to install and, most often, they can be placed on existing constructions without requiring modifications.


Devi's Flosto SMC/GRP water storage tank is modular in construction. The tank consists of standard compression-moulded GRP/SMC panels in several sizes - 1 m square; 1 m long, 1.5 m high; and 1 m long, 2 m high - with a flange thickness of 75 mm all around. The panels are fastened externally using stainless steel bolts, with a special type of sealant in between to avoid any leakage of water. They were designed using the latest finite element methods, and computer modelling allowed subtle changes to be made in thickness and geometry for minimising the stresses and deflections in order to comply with strict criteria for safety and tank performance.


The tank’s roof and floor panels take compressive loads to make them self-sealing and self-draining. The central shell portion of the side panels is designed to take tensile loads. In both cases, the load is transferred to the flanges. The panels are hot pressed in a 600 T and 1,000 T press at a pressure of 50 to 100 kg/cm2 and a curing temperature of 130°C to 150°C, using GRP/SMC.


The company can provide comprehensive services, from design to final products, in many different sectors. In addition to supplying SMC and DMC, Devi is a leading OEM that provides SMC and DMC components to almost all electrical switchgear companies in India, such as Larsen & Toubro, Siemens India, GE India, Legrand India, Havels India, Socomec HPL, and others. It has also designed and manufactured its own range of industrial/engineering products, catering to various industrial sectors in India and exporting to countries like the Middle East, Africa, and the USA.



A wide range of products


Besides its resin formulations, Devi also has the necessary expertise for mould fabrication. Thanks to its complete command of the entire industrial process, the company is capable of satisfying a wide range of requests. Since 1975, it has acquired know-how that is recognised beyond India’s borders, and the number of products it has created is quite considerable. Its premium products and services include Flosto SMC/GRP sectional-panel water tanks; Duro-Box weatherproof SMC/GRP-moulded enclosures; Duro-Stor modular housing systems; CAD/CAM/CAE services; the manufacture of hot press/injectionmoulding tools in its extensive tool room; OEM products; special-purpose machines; and research & development services.



Thanks to the quality of the composite materials and solutions that Devi develops and markets in the field of water storage, the company’s sales have been soaring by about 30-35% per year. The water storage sector is growing at an exceptional rate, which certainly points to a favourable outlook for the future.