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Expanding core skills "Advanced Materials" in the Euregio - AMAC to support AGIT

News International-French

28 Jan 2013

AMAC, under the direction of Dr. Michael Effing, will support the regional development agency AGIT mbH within the transnational project Top Technology Cluster (TTC).

The aim is to promote and support the cooperation and to help creating international competence networks between small and medium-sized companies which are active in the field of Advanced Materials. In the future, “Euregional” cross-border cooperations between companies working in lightweight materials, composites, bio-based or smart materials, as well as innovations therof shall be further strengthened and developed.

Over the coming three months, AMAC will develop several joint projects together with companies, which will then be implemented within 18 months. At least two companies are to work together cross-border.
The total innovation fund adds up to 4.72 million euros for the companies and this up to 250,000 euros per cooperation

"We are looking forward to working with AMAC on this project," says Dr. Helmut Greif, CEO, AGIT. "The founder and CEO of AMAC, Michael Effing, has an excellent competence network, thanks to his longtime management experience in the international Chemicals and Plastics industry. This will certainly be very beneficial for the targeted companies. We expect that as a result, several successful projects will emerge, which will be very profitable for the economy of our region."

Dr. Michael Effing explains: "AMAC is very happy to support AGIT to create sustainable cross-border business development in the area of New Materials, that is to say Advanced Materials. This means especially that we initiate to link business partners with each other. We will also support the development of innovative projects between the companies, for example, in organizing thematically oriented workshops." He continues: " Thus, we will also promote innovative cooperations between research and industry and eventually with the support of the RWTH University of Technolgy in Aachen".

A Swiss study had preliminarily identified an extraordinary technological and economic potential for Advanced Materials in the Euregio. With support from the EU as well as from local economic ministries, an optimized winning of this technological potential is to be realized in this region. New markets will be identified and presented to the companies, and their innovative capacity will be strengthened through new networks. Thus, this industrial location will become even more attractive.