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The Expliseat’s Titanium Seat receives FAA certification

News International-French

12 Sep 2014

The french ultra-light airplane seat will now expand overseas, having received TSO C39c authorization from the FAA (the American Federal Aviation Administration) confirming that it meets the safety standards of American aviation.

Five months after certification by the European Aviation Safety Agency, the Titanium Seat can now fly on any airline in the world.

Combining innovation and safety
Once again, the Titanium Seat confirms its dependability and compliance with international safety standards, at only 4 kg. This past July, after several months of review, the FAA granted TSO C39c authorization, clearing the way for the world’s lightest seat to fly in the United States and in every country in the world.

The Titanium Seat, on its way to winning the American market
The “ultra-light” seat made of titanium and composite materials is now ready to fly for American companies. Strength (only 30 parts, compared to 300 on average in other seats) and comfort (5 cm extra legroom) provide practical solutions for airlines and passengers.

About Expliseat:
Founded in March, 2011 by Benjamin Saada, Jean-Charles Samuelian and Vincent Tejedor, Expliseat combines innovation and manufacturing performance. At just 4 kg, this seat reduces fuel consumption, resulting in savings of up to $500,000 per plane per year. And with 10 patents, the Titanium Seat also provides passengers with greater comfort and more room, thanks to its unique ergonomic design.

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