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Expliseat uses ESI’s Virtual Seat Solution to develop its light aircraft seat

News International-French

5 Aug 2014

The supplier of virtual prototyping software for manufacturing industries, announces that Expliseat has obtained certification for their Titanium aircraft seat; developed with the help of ESI’s Virtual Seat Solution.

French company Expliseat thereby releases the lightest seat ever certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The Titanium seat was developed in record time thanks to an innovative design and manufacturing process. Expliseat used ESI’s Virtual Seat Solution to develop and test fully virtual seat prototypes; easily conducting many iterations without the need to build numerous (and costly) real prototypes.

Virtual Seat Solution is a dedicated software solution for seat design, manufacturing and performance that takes into account the physical behavior of materials and enables virtual pre-certification of a seat before final testing of the real seat.

With this software, Expliseat developed and tested newly patented technologies that are used to absorb the shocks felt by aircraft passengers during the flight and thereby increase comfort.

Available for Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 aircrafts, the new Titanium Seat from Expliseat fulfills the many requirements of an economy class seat: light weight, sleek design, excellent ergonomics, ease of personalization, safety, and durability.