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FACC launches Technology Center and Engineering Test Center

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23 Sep 2013

The Technology Center, located in St. Martin in Upper Austria will serve to bundle the company’s worldwide R&D activities. And the Engineering Test Center, annexed to the Technology Center, is a modern plant for the analysis, testing and certification of composite materials and components.

Numerous representatives of customers, suppliers and business partners from all over the world participated in the festivities, along with figures from politics and the business world. With his patronage of the formal opening Michael Strugl, State Minister of Economic Affairs, praised the technical progress and the resulting secure future potential of FACC as a global supplier of the aviation industry.

With the new Technology Center and Engineering Test Center, FACC is making a major investment in the future and at the same time a clear commitment to the Upper Austrian location where the company currently employs 2,400 workers, 380 of which FACC has taken on over the course of last year. And thanks to the high level of orders and steady growth, the next few months will see creation of approx. 100 further new jobs.

FACC was supported in this investment by TMG, the business agency for the region of Upper Austria.

Hub of global R&D activities
Through research activity and development of cutting-edge innovations, FACC has in the last few years pressed through its technological advantage. Investment in research and development increased in the last financial year by 37.5 percent to €96.8 million and is set to keep rising. The company received a specific acknowledgement of its innovative strength in the form of the “Frontrunner” award from the Austrian Ministry of Traffic, Innovation and Technology (bmvit), which was presented to FACC as the first company in Austria by Innovation Minister Doris Bures during her visit in May this year.

The global presence of its engineering organization with locations in Germany, Slovakia, USA, Canada, China and India enables FACC to develop components and processes in cooperation with leading customers across the world. The new technology center will in future serve as the hub of the company’s global R&D activities. Additionally, the engineering departments of the divisions aerostructures and interiors, which have to date been situated in separate facilities, will be brought together in the new building.

Innovative strength bundled, growth secured
In line with the motto “growth through innovation”, FACC is setting a clear signal with its new Technology Center that the company intends to continue developing its innovative strength in the future. The new Technology Center has created good preconditions for research and development. Its focuses of work include research into process and material technologies, component design and development, including stress engineering, testing and certification, tool design and production, right up to the introduction into serial production. With the additional capacities FACC can continue its growth successfully and set new standards in advanced lightweight aircraft construction.

Faster development processes, innovative manufacturing concepts
Relocation to the new building achieves the ideal combination of the individual sectors. The customers also benefit from the faster processes because for many of them short decision-making cycles are absolutely essential. The optimized logistics, customized working systems, short distances as well as highly-skilled, enthusiastic employees also make an important contribution.

Beyond the materials and components development, there is also the associated manufacturing process which must on the one hand take account of the increasing cost pressures and on the other hand conform to the highest standards in terms of safety and lifetime. FACC develops concepts consisting of the optimal selection of manufacturing technologies, processes and tools, which guarantee cost-optimized component production in line with requirements and press ahead with the automation of production steps. The advanced test devices and systems in the new Engineering Test Center guarantee high component quality and safe and efficient operation in subsequent flight services.

Following formation of the etc Prüf und Test GmbH in July 2013 and the partial spin-off from 1 September, the Engineering Test Center in St. Martin is now operating as an independent company with 35 highly-qualified staff. FACC AG holds 91% of the shares, the remaining 9% are held by Techno-Z Ried. The core competence in material and component testing with the current clear focus on composite materials, as required in the aviation industry, is intended to be rapidly expanded to the automotive sector, products for the sports and leisure industry, renewable energies and special machine construction.

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