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Fagor Renishaw probing integration to DMS CNC routers

News International-French

9 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Diversified Machine Systems announces 2015 advancements to be featured at JEC Europe 2015.

As part of DMS’ international partnership with Fagor Automation, DMS CNC routers now offer compliance with MT Connect communication protocols – a manufacturing standard when retrieving process information from CNC machining solutions for monitoring machine efficiency with real-time data.

Fagor Automation and DMS announce their integration with Renishaw, offering an interface for probing and software that includes vector and angle measure options, print options, and an extended range of cycles, 1- or 2-touch probing options, tool offset compensation by percentage of error, and output data stored in an accessible variable stack.

A prominent feature utilized by the composite industry is the absolute encoders available on rotary-axis scales on DMS CNC routers. As composite applications continue to advance, DMS is offering additional protection such as air-pressurized bellows, fully-enclosed machining for safety and dust extraction, and advanced component protection, such as tool changer doors and cool air guns, for keeping contaminants away from runner blocks.

DMS is a US-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that designs and manufactures 3- and 5-axis CNC routers and large-format CNC machining centres. With over 30 years of innovation and custom engineering experience, the company serves almost every composite industry, especially aerospace, automotive and consumer goods.

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