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Fanatic windsurfing FreeWave TeXtreme 2014 board released

News International-French

6 Sep 2013

The 2014 model high-performance windsurfing board Fanatic TeXtreme from Fanatic Windsurfing has been released. And once again the board is among the most exclusive and high-performance constructions in windsurfing, not to mention the low weight.

The original FreeWave was built with one thought in mind: to offer ultimate freedom on any wave the ocean can create – for every sailor.

After a long, intensive R&D cycle, including years of prototyping and testing around the world, Fanatic introduces a completely new design for the 2014 FreeWave range in the sizes 76, 86, 96, 106, 116. It’s the most versatile FreeWave model ever conceived. The new compact fishtail outline, combined with a flatter mid-deck section and carefully formed rails produce a harmonically tuned shape that offers unrivaled performance on flat water and in waves.

A powerful bottom shape, comprised of a slight V and shallow double concave sitting on a quick scoop rocker line, ensures early planing along with potential for down-the-line speed.

Innegra Carbon light technology
(double and single)
Innegra Carbon will be used again on the 2014 Wave- and TE Freestyleboards. After seeing it work in Fanatic boards over the last year, the Fanatic team is confident in saying that this material is lighter and more impact resistant than the carbon kevlar that it has now replaced on all TE boards. Combined with a double PVC/wood sandwich and wood/carbon heel reinforcements, it guarantees an efficient construction in terms of weight and maximum impact resistance. The Waveboards benefit from Innegra Carbon sandwich layups.

The Skate Team Edition has a Single Sandwich deck of Innegra Carbon and a carbon bottom. Each Team Edition model is produced with the light finish look, were the primary board color gets mixed into the laminating resin, for extra weight reduction.

TeXtreme Innegra carbon light finish technology

Available in select-model Fanatic boards, the TeXtreme takes advantage of Innegra’s resin absorption ability, weight-reduction, stiffness, impact protection and UV-resistance. The Oxeon-built fabric allows incredibly light PVC sandwich layups, with the added bonus of fully visible carbon rail and bottom graphics. High-quality full Innegra Carbon on the rest of the deck round out the TeXtreme construction to create one of the strongest, lightest, stiffest board on the market.