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FANUC composite automatic spraying robot displayed

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5 Sep 2012

Shanghai FANUC Robot Co., Ltd will display its spraying robot P-250iA during China Composite Expo in September.

The 18th China International Composites Industrial Technology Exhibition will be held ceremoniously in September 5th -7 day in Shanghai World Expo exhibition center.


Shanghai FANUC Robot Co., Ltd will display its spraying robot P-250iA in this exhibition. A spraying robot application system on the glass fiber and plastic will be demonstrated during the show. This is to show the automatic spraying solution for the composite materials.


P-250iA is FANUC 12th generation spraying robot used in the automobile industry and general industrial. It is positioned for the large parts spraying. It has the best work area and sports performance in the robot industry. It can provide reliable and accurate solutions for the plastic, metal and glass fiber and components of other materials.


It is designed on the base of the process equipment effective integration. The on-air hollow wrist and outer arm can be reserved with mounting space option for external gear pump double motor. The special structure of the outer arm allows easy integration of the spray coating application devices. More over, P-250iA can choose multiple distribution tube paths.


The J2&J3 axis "flip" work ability can maximize the work scope and spraying robot flexible within the extreme limitation. The biasing arm design provides superior small space work ability. Equipped with small base, it can be installed in smaller spraying room.


FANUC spraying robot can provide a variety of solutions, such as process control equipment and automatic identification system to control flow.


By applying the robot, the raw materials cost, spraying paints can be greatly reduced. And the robot needs very small room size so it can be installed anywhere in the production line.


The other advantages include energy consumption reduction, more precise process control, and great savings on the manpower resources.



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